About Us

We help our customers starting from the inside to be great so they can continue to be great on the outside!


At Freed Up Services, we believe you should be able to get trustworthy cleaning services at an affordable rate. We exist to conveniently provide affordable, trustworthy home services to give you more time to do the things you want to do and save money compared to other home service providers.

We strive to make scheduling home services as easy as possible, provide transparent pricing, and earn your trust by providing reliable and honest service. With us, you spend less time cleaning and more time living. 


In the past, professional cleaning has been hard to find at a reasonable rate. Freed Up Services aims to change that with our affordable rates, convenient booking, and trustworthy service. Enjoy some of the lowest rates in the professional cleaning industry and experience convenient service with transparent pricing and online booking.

We also don’t try to sell you services you don’t need, and we own up to our mistakes. We can clean your home weekly or we can do it once a month, but each time you can feel confident we’ll take care of you and your home.




Freed Up Services sends out reliable and experienced individuals who are committed to providing superb cleaning services. We value our customers and their needs, which is why we make booking and paying for services easy while committing ourselves to providing fair solutions. With Freed Up Services, your home is in the best hands. Call us today at 469-213-0624.

Get Freed Up!

Freed Up Services is your answer to affordable home cleaning solutions. Whether you’re busy with work or family or simply want more time for yourself, you can rely on us to take care of the house cleaning so you don’t have to. We are affordable, easy to work with, and always strive to do the right thing. We want you to feel like you can rely on us for all your home cleaning needs.