Basic One Time Cleaning Services in Frisco, Texas

Keeping your home clean and tidy at all times can be a task, especially when you are working full-time, or have kids. Who wants to spend their weekends on boring cleaning chores when all you want to do is catch up on some sleep and have fun with friends and family?

Looking for additional help in getting your house all cleaned and spruced up just before a special event? Are your in-laws coming over and you want to impress them with a sparkling house? Do you want your home or apartment dusted, mopped and cleaned for new tenants? There could be plenty of reasons why you might need our basic one time cleaning services in Frisco.

You may be one of those homeowners who loves to clean up their own house but every now again you just can’t find the time. For those occasions, our basic one time cleaning services can fill the void to make your house looking special and inviting to your guests or in-laws. Call Freed Up Services at 469-213-0624 and we will send our experienced and skilled professionals to perform a top-to-bottom cleaning of your home while you rejuvenate your busy life with that extra time and rest you badly need.

Our Basic One Time House Cleaning Services Include


Our professionals will leave you with a shiny clean kitchen after scrubbing and sanitizing the countertops, backsplashes and sinks. We will also take care of cleaning the microwave (inside and out), range top, refrigerator (top and exterior) and other kitchen appliances. The lighting fixtures, counters, cabinets, tables and chairs will also be dusted and cleaned thoroughly.


Our experts pay close attention to clean and sanitize the bathrooms. We make sure that the large fixtures including the sink, toilet, shower and bathtub are exhaustively cleaned and disinfected. The floors are mopped clean, and our professionals ensure that the mop pads used in bathrooms are not used anywhere else. The mirrors, small fixtures and other details are not overlooked and are given the same attention as other items.  

All Rooms and Living Area

Our one time house cleaning services make sure your bedrooms, living rooms and hallways are left looking spotless and pristine. On our visit, we will dust and clean the ceiling fans, shelves, windows, wall hangings, blinds and lighting fixtures. We will also vacuum the floors, and staircases.

Why Hire Freed Up Services for Reoccurring Cleaning?


We strive to bring you the best service at the most affordable price while providing our own supplies and equipment


Committed to always doing the right thing to satisfy our customers

Thorough Selection Process

Thorough screening and selection process for our cleaning specialists


We are an insured cleaning company for your assurance and peace of mind

Freed Up Services: The name you can trust

  1. Trusted name in the house cleaning industry
  2. Highly motivated team of skilled and experienced professionals
  3. Flexible services that suit every requirement
  4. Complete background checks on all our specialists
  5. Insured house cleaning company in Frisco, TX.

We have a stress-free and easy to use online booking system that will allow you to book our services from anywhere, anytime. How does it work? It is a simple 3 step process where we don’t believe in hassling you with a lot of questions. Schedule a time, make the booking and welcome our friendly, experienced home cleaners at the doorstep to get the job done. 

Are you interested in availing our basic one-time cleaning services in Frisco, TX? Call us or schedule services online as per your convenience.