Reoccurring Cleaning Services in Frisco, Texas

Have you been avoiding giving your home an occasional thorough cleaning? You are not alone. The very thought of vacuuming carpets, cleaning the kitchen appliances from inside out and scrubbing the bathrooms on a regular basis is enough to give some homeowners major stress. House cleaning can be a daunting task and you don’t always have the luxury of time to do most cleaning chores on your own.  And that’s where Freed Up Services can help.

Freed Up Services offers professional reoccurring house cleaning services in Frisco to make sure you don’t worry about keeping your home well-maintained and thoroughly cleaned. Whether you want to schedule weekly, bi-weekly or monthly visits, we can accommodate your every need.

Benefits of Reoccurring Cleaning Services

  • A well-maintained and cleaned house in spite of your busy schedule
  • More time to relax and do things that you love and enjoy
  • Healthy environment for kids
  • A home that is always ready to welcome unexpected visitors

For some people, it can be a big stress relief to enter a home that is looking fresh and clean. Our reoccurring home cleaning services will make sure that a clean and tidy home welcomes you every time – allowing you to relax and spend quality time doing what you love doing the most. Want to take your kids to a park or a library? Want to go shopping with friends? Have you been postponing meeting your best friend owing to your busy schedule? Haven’t planned a romantic date with your partner in a long time? There is a lot you can do with some extra free time.

Our Reoccurring Cleaning Services Include

  • Cleaning and vacuuming floors and closet floors
  • Cleaning cabinets and drawers
  • Cleaning and dusting furniture
  • Cleaning bathrooms
  • Cleaning kitchens, microwaves, the outside of refrigerators, ovens and other major appliances
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Cleaning doors and door frames
  • Dusting window sills and ledges

Why Hire Freed Up Services for Reoccurring Cleaning?


We strive to bring you the best service at the most affordable price while providing our own supplies and equipment


Committed to always doing the right thing to satisfy our customers

Thorough Selection Process

Thorough screening and selection process for our cleaning specialists


We are an insured cleaning company for your assurance and peace of mind

Why choose Freed Up Services for Reoccurring Cleaning?

Our cleaners come with years of experience and they know what areas need special attention. We will make sure every corner of your house is properly cleaned from top to bottom. We want you to leave your cleaning headache to us and focus on other important things in life that give you joy and happiness.

Are you wary of having someone you don’t know in your home? Worry not. Your safety and security is our priority. Our company has a very rigid selection policy and we make sure all our professionals have been thoroughly screened and background checked.

  1. We are an insured house cleaning company in Frisco, TX
  2. We believe in providing excellent customer service
  3. We strive to offer high quality house cleaning services
  4. Our cleaning services can be customized to suit your schedule and requirements
  5. We have a user-friendly, 3-step online booking system
  6. All our cleaning specialists undergo a thorough background check

Looking for professional cleaning services in Frisco? For affordable and reliable reoccurring cleaning services, call Freed Up Services or book online today.