Fun In-Home Activity Ideas For The Whole Family

What are some fun activities you and your family can do at the house? For starters, all of the phones and other gadgets can be put away as we won’t need those for what we have in store. While watching some Netflix can be fun, it doesn’t exactly help you connect with your family. All the activities mentioned in this article are all super fun and encourage interaction with your kids.

Backyard Camping

Backyard Camping is a blast whether you are doing it for the first time or the hundredth time. Get a simple tarp or tent from your local outdoors store and some snacks. Ask your kids to help you in setting up the tent and, in most cases, they will happily oblige. Stargazing and good food goes so well together that soon it will become one of your favorite activities. Change things up by sharing your childhood stories, ghost stories, or just simple kids stories.

Build Forts with Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes come with limitless opportunities for having fun. You can make a fort, a giant robot, a car, a dollhouse and so much more. All you need is an empty cardboard box and a creative mind. You can visit your local furniture store or supermarket to get sturdy and clean cardboard boxes. Your kids will be on their toes throughout the day to make the coolest robot or the cutest dollhouse.

Jigsaw Puzzles

You can get your hands on a wide variety of Jigsaw Puzzles ranging from really hard to super easy. Make sure that you pick up a Jigsaw Puzzle suitable for the age of your kids. You can even get a custom Jigsaw puzzle with a picture of your family on it!

Play with Slime

It may seem a little crazy, but kids love to play with slime. These days, you can get different types of slime that are readily available. Slimes can teach your kids about science while forcing them to use their creativity. What is more fun than creating slime with your kids?

Don’t worry, making slime is really simple. First of all, get these items:

  • 5 oz clear glue
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • Green glitter paint
  • 3 tablespoon saline solution
  • Googly eyes

Now, just follow these instructions:

  • Pour out the entire 5oz bottle of clear glue into a clear bowl.
  • Next, take the baking soda and add it to the bowl.
  • Add glitter paint as much your kids want.
  • Now, add the 3 tablespoons of saline solution to the mix and ask your kids to stir the mix.
  • Keep rolling the slime for a few minutes.
  • Now it’s ready. Let your kids play with slime and show their creativity!


It may seem simple, but coloring books will always be fun no matter what age your kids are. Go to a local store and buy lots of crayons, markers, map pencils, and some coloring books. You can also print out coloring pages from the internet such as Crayola’s website. You can have different contests to see who has the best coloring skills.

Play Mad Libs

There is nothing more fun and educational than playing Mad Libs with your family. Mad Libs has been around for many years now and for all the right reasons. It teaches your kids about nouns, adjectives, verbs, and more. You never know what kind of story you will end up with, but the end result is usually pretty funny. You can buy Mad Libs from several stores or even online from a site like Amazon.

Freed Up Services exists not only to provide a fantastic service such as house cleaning but what we genuinely enjoy is freeing up your time so you can spend it doing the things you love. If you want some extra free time to spend with the family, schedule a time for us to come out so you can try out some of these fun ideas mentioned above.

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