How to Keep Your Home Clean Between Cleanings

In our busy modern lifestyles, it’s tough to stay on top of household cleaning. By investing in a few smart items, you can easily take the headache out of maintaining a clean and tidy home between cleanings. 

Here are a few of our recommended essentials that will save you time and effort in the long run.

Robot Vacuum

A robot vacuum is an easy and convenient way to clean your floors without much effort. They take the pain out of lugging a regular vacuum around, giving you more time to put your feet up.

  • Most can connect to WIFI
  • Can clean various types of flooring
  • Guide themselves around many objects
  • The higher-end ones can be controlled by an app
  • Some models respond to voice commands

Once the floors have been vacuumed, they will need a good mop, right? Luckily there is a robot that can do that too.

  • Gets into the hard to reach spots, like under the bathroom cabinet
  • Automatically adjusts cleaning methods based on the cleaning pad you attach to it. For example, damp sweeping vs. wet mopping.
  • Checks the surrounding areas before spraying to ensure furniture or other items are not damaged during the cleaning process.

Sonic Scrubber

Scrubbing just became fun! A sonic scrubber takes all the elbow grease out of home cleaning.

  • It works on the same principle as an electric toothbrush.
  • With a selection of brush heads to choose from, you can easily use it across most household surfaces,
  • Quick and easy cleaning

Automatic Toilet Cleaners

Toilets, cringe! Not a single person to have ever existed enjoys the dreaded toilet clean. Finally, you can take this gross item off your chores list, with an automatic toilet bowl cleaning system.

  • Ease of use – Just pop one onto the toilet rim, and let it do its thing.
  • Cartridges will only need to be replaced every three months.
  • Unlike traditional bleach tablets, this new age cleaner puts a cleaning solution into the overflow tube of the flush valve.
  • Sounding a bit complicated? Basically, no harsh chemicals will ever touch the toilet bowl, and the system looks after itself.

Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Cats are usually a bit easier to deal with than dogs in terms of cleanliness, but those litter boxes are a dreaded chore for all cat owners. So, we give you the self-cleaning litter box!

  • This new age litter box separates clean litter from the dirtier stuff.
  • It drops the waste into a carbon-filtered drawer
  • Large entrance to accommodate cats of all sizes

Self-Cleaning Doggy Potty

Keeping with the four-legged friends, man’s best friend deserves a self-cleaning doggy potty.

  • Made with a high-quality absorbent pad.
  • The soiled portion of the pad gets automatically rolled up and sealed into the roller as the new section of the pad is rolled out behind it.
  • This handle liquids and solids to help avoid messes inside the home.

Air Purifier

Sometimes the air in our homes is not very clean. An air purifier is a great way to keep your air filtered and fresh. Especially if you suffer from allergies, this is a game-changer.

  • Most middle range models can capture up to 98% of dust and allergens.
  • Charcoal filter to catch odors
  • UV light that kills airborne germs

Window Cleaning Robot

A dirty window no more! Not only is window cleaning a hassle, but if you have two or more stories, it can also be dangerous. A window-cleaning robot will keep you grounded.

  • Cleans the inside and outside of your windows.
  • You can control its movements with a remote control.
  • The microfiber pads effectively clean the windows of all dirt and debris.

Investing in anything that can automate a mundane task and open up more time for you, will make your life that much more enjoyable. So why not pick up a few of these items, and enjoy a happier life in a cleaner home. To further automate the process, Freed Up Services offers a reoccurring cleaning service to come and clean as often as you would like.

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