How to Make Your Home Feel Less Cluttered

Has there been any time when you have been overwhelmed by all the clutter surrounding you? Clutter is a popular struggle faced by most homeowners. Everyone, at some point or another, has faced clutter in their life. It can be as simple as mail gathering dust on the mantel or other things not getting put where they go such as decorations, electronics, and toys.

And the excuses can be never-ending: “I will clean it later” or “It may come in handy sometime” or “It’s expensive” or “It was a present.” It can reach a point where you don’t even know where to begin to start cleaning up the mess. Clutter can lead to a lot of stress that can also start affecting your mental health. On the other hand, having surroundings that are free from clutter generally gives people a feeling of relaxation and tranquility.

Most people do not use roughly one-third of the things that they own. Clutter happens when excess stuff is scattered around without any space to put it away. Identifying the source of the issue will help you figure out a solution. If your problem is excessive stacks of paper, a filing system could be your solution. You may need a console panel for charging when your issue involves a tangled labyrinth of wires and cables.

Below are a few tips and tricks that can help you reduce the clutter in your home:

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Many people may be able to quickly declutter their homes, but then revert to their old habits of collecting unwanted things. You can plan one or two hours per week to keep your new clutter-free life intact. And with the tips as a monthly checklist, the clutter can be removed forever!

Optimize the Functionality of Your Furniture

Another way to manage and control clutter is to invest in some smart furniture. For instance, the couch in the living room can have concealed storage that is used for storing toys, magazines, etc. While a chest at the foot of the bed can be used for storing bedding.

Tackle One Room or One Specific Task at a Time

Decluttering your entire home can be an intimidating job, and you may be put off by the thought of handling it all at once. It’s best to start small and attempt to work on one task at a time. Begin with your stuff as it will be simplest to clear and ask for assistance from your family to make sure you don’t throw their stuff out without their consent. 


Define and Fix a Place for Everything

Categorize your items into specific groups but refrain from making them too limited so that new purchases don’t get excluded. Clean things frequently, throw away expired products or items not used, and always place things into the allocated categories.

Get Rid of Old Stuff Before Getting Anything New

This tip can change your life if you struggle with clutter, even if you enjoy shopping and have a habit of overbuying. You have to get rid of something every time you make a new purchase. This will also make you think twice about buying new things.

These simple tips can help you in addressing a number of the usual clutter spots, whatever the size of your home. Although some time and effort may be required, your organizational efforts are sure to pay off in a house that offers a break from the outside world.

If you are struggling to find the time to declutter your home, give Freed Up Services a call at 469-213-0624. We can take on the house cleaning duties to give you back more time to do other things that you usually struggle to find time to do.


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