Who Really Has Time to Clean These Days?

Your home is a source of comfort. It is a place where you retreat from the outside world to relax, de-stress and be yourself. But how do you feel about entering a home every evening that hasn’t seen a good cleaning and vacuuming in a while?

You always want your house to look clean and perfect, but that is obviously not possible with a busy schedule. You are working hard on a new project. You are blessed with a new baby. You need to go to the gym daily. And you need time and energy to take your kids around to birthday parties and various activities, help them with their homework and cook nutritious meals for them. Do you have dogs or cats or maybe both? Well, we are not even getting started with that.

It seems the busier your life gets, the less time you have available to keep up with all the housework. And even if you are an organized person by general standards, keeping your house clean and tidy may come dead last in your list of priorities. It can be extremely stressful to think about your impending cleaning tasks along with planning and executing the rest of your schedule.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just blame it all on the kids (let’s be honest, sometimes it happens)? It’s easy to say they are making memories so it’s all okay but in reality, if the house doesn’t get cleaned regularly, the clutter will just keep piling up. Putting off your cleaning tasks not only creates a crazy mess but can also have a serious impact on your health. Dust and pet dander lingering in your carpet and furnishings can trigger asthma and respiratory issues. A dirty house provides a conducive environment for bacteria to grow and thrive. In addition, a dirty and unkept house can increase your stress levels.

A clean organized home not only offers peace and tranquillity but also helps you to be more creative, focused and productive. And since your house is always in top shape, you are always ready for unexpected company without any embarrassment.

Worried about the inch of dust piled on the ceiling fan? Don’t have the time to scrub greasy ovens and sticky floors? Struggling to keep cobwebs out of the corners? It can definitely be a struggle to keep up with the cleaning tasks because you don’t have the time and energy to clean. Don’t put on blinders to your unclean home. It is time to consider hiring a cleaning company that will help ease the stress and take away your cleaning worries, it will be one of the best investments you’ve ever made.

Freed Up Services is your professional cleaning company currently serving the following cities in North DFW: Allen, Frisco, Little Elm, McKinney, Plano, Prosper, and The Colony. Our aim is to give you your free time back so that you can take a break from mundane house cleaning tasks and do the things that are more important to you. What we promise you is a clean and sparkling home, despite your hectic and out of control schedule.

Do you want us to come out for a one-time deep clean or would you prefer our house cleaning services on a regular basis? Do you want your home cleaned for a special occasion? Freed Up Services offers convenient and affordable cleaning services that are easy on your wallet and suit your specific requirements.

We have a very streamlined, no-nonsense online booking system in place that helps you save a lot of time scheduling your appointment to get your house cleaned. It works like this:

1. Use a pricing calculator to determine the cost

2. Choose a service, see details and book as per your convenience

3. Get appointment reminders

Book online or call Freed Up Services at 469-213-0624 to discuss your house cleaning needs! We will be happy to help.

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